Affliated Companies:

Southern Switching Company ("SSC") is a shortline railroad located in Abilene, Texas.  Interchanging with the Union Pacific in downtown Abilene, SSC operates 8.5 miles of railroad within the city of Abilene.  SSC serves a variety of existing customers that are shipping and receiving commodities such as Grain, Feed, Fertilizers, Oil, Scrap, Corn Sweetener, and Lumber.  SSC has solutions for your 'team track' or warehousing needs.  Southern Switching Company is a member of the American Shortline and Regional Railroad Association and a part of the Ironhorse Resources, Inc. family of railroads and logistical services.

Wind Distribution: SSC plays a vital role in the growing wind energy business.  Proximity to the fastest growing wind energy region in the country makes SSC a perfect location for transloading windmill components. 

Shale Development: SSC is also located in close proximity the emergining Cline Shale. (See Map Here). SSC would be able to provide rail logistics to support the drilling industry with the ability to interchange 100+ car trains and provide catered manifest (single car) service to any industry that is located with SSC. (Frac Sand, Aggregate, Line Pipe, Casing or Drilling Pipe, Crude, Petroleum, Condensate, Gas Liquids , HCl, Barite, Bentonite, etc)

SSC is a subsidiary of Ironhorse Resources, Inc. and is a sister company to: